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Take a walk around Honolulu with ME! Part 1!

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Hello, Ladies and Gentleman welcome to my little thread with LOTS OF PICS! ;) Anyhow come and take a little walk with me thru a few different parts of Honolulu. Hopefully, while viewing this thread you will be able to see some parts of the city you don't normally see or didnt know exists! Enjoy and please wait for this thang to load up sorry for the wait but thanks for your patience cup cake! You are very special and deserve nothing but the best..........Ahh Shut up Biatch! :D

A few local hip hop tracks to listen to while you wait or browse:

Trace & Kimo James - Come on & go with me

Trace & Kimo James - Caddy

Mail Box Bashers - Windchimes

Mail Box Bashers - Mumbo Jumbo

Emirc - Honolulu








If your wondering what the heck is this window with Vietnamese stuff on it all about..well it marks the beginning of my day

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