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72% of Memphians support LRT

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February 17, 2004

Survey: Memphians favor light-rail

According to a survey conducted by Ragland Research, 73% of adults living in Memphis favor completion of a light rail system connecting Downtown and the Medical Center with Memphis International Airport.

Here's the breakdown, according to frequency of use:

14% of respondents say they would use the system every day;

21% would use it once a week;

21% would use it once a month; and

29% would use the system "on infrequent occasions."

Another 15%, among those that favor completing the system, say they would never use it. 10% oppose completing the system, while 17% of the respondents had no opinion.

The survey consisted of "several carefully constructed subparts" designed to include a balance of existing transit users and those who rarely use public transit, according to the Memphis Area Transit Authority.

Attention was given to residents who live along one of the two proposed routes for extension of the Madison Avenue line from the Medical Center to the airport, and to other residents.

Survey respondents who presently ride the bus would tend to use the fully expanded rail system most heavily -- up to 49% daily -- according to the survey.

Results of the attitudinal survey are scheduled to be presented Tuesday afternoon to the MATA Board of Commissioners by a principal of MATA's marketing firm, Thompson & Co.

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I did not know that about the Memphis trolley cars. The cars in Memphis are imported from around the world - a number of them used to run in Portugal. I'm unsure if any from Memphis' old days are in use today.

Regardless, if they complete the airport or Germantown-Collierville lines, it'll be new modernized LRV's.

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I'm surprised that that many people would support LRT. If the high public approval is any indication, there shouldn't be any problems getting the proposed lines built.

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