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Rural King

Downtown Jackson going Wifi

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Aeneas Internet and Telephone according to the Jackson Sun is in the next 6-8 weeks set up a WiFi system to service most of downtown Jackson's businesses, government facilities, and public places. Aeneas is providing the network installation and service for free with no public funds involved in order to help promote the development of downtown.

As I see it, Aeneas is providing downtown Jackson a major economic infrastructure boost that definitely should help further redevelop the central business district if capitalized upon in marketing the the downtown area.

I for one was pleased to read that a private company was providing a public service like this simply in order to help Jackson prosper with no profit motivation involved. Definitely a sign of a good corporate citizen if you ask me.

What does everyone else think about downtown Jackson going WiFi via Aeneas providing the service as an developmental tool for the CBD?

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