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A $32,000 dollar digital camera.


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While shopping around for a DSLR camera, I stumbled upon what has got to be the most expensive camera I've ever come across.

$32,000 Hasselblad Camera

Its mammoth $32,000 price point rivals that of a very nice car. Well, after recovering from sixteen heart attacks and a stroke or two I found myself asking "Why on earth would even the most avid of photographers spend that much money on a camera no matter what type it is or how high end it may be?" Granted I personally haven't made a dent in exploring the realm of photography. Plus the $800 DSLR I have lined up is a budget buster to me. But I can think of a cornucopia of other things to spend 32 G's on.

[Edit] Oh wait a minute! Here's one for 42,000 dollars.

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The Hasselblad systems you are quoting are medium format cameras and offer image quality unlike that of a traditional film or digital camera. The sharpness, color rendering, resolution, etc. is far far far superior to that of any other camera type which is one reason the equipment is so expensive. Imagin, for example, a photographer shooting a wedding with a typical $3-8k digital camera, even then the dynamic range is limited. Wedding photographers have a hard time with this sicne you're shooting extremes on both ends (white dress and black tux) and there just isn't a lot of room to work to make sure details in both are kept. With the medium format system the dynamic range is far superior allowing you to capture the image as it was intended to be captured. There are many agencies that require photographers to shoot with this type of system, especially if it is going to be used in a national advertising campaign for example.

It is far from a consumer grade camera for for that matter is far above and beyond the needs of most professional photographers. I agree that the price is absolutely ridiculous for these type of systems but it is commonplace in certain industries such as mainstream advertising or high-end stock agencies.

You can see samples of quality here: http://www.hasselblad.com/products/hasselb...ar-quality.aspx

Unless money is no object or this is your bread and butter lens that you make your living off of, it is undoubtedly out of the range for any of us. They are extremely nice cameras though if price was no object.

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if i won the loto i would get on a plane and go to new york and buy one just for the hell of it and a bunch of lens lol

but the gear is only half the picture the other half is the skill of the user.... otherwises its just another camera

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