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A Journey To Heaven


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Travelers have every reason to visit Tibet, be it curiosity about Tibetan culture or a desire for a religious experience. But now the Qinghai-Tibet Railway itself has become an experience in itself.


The railway journey extends 1,980 kilometers between the two terminals of Xining and Lhasa. From Golmud to Lhasa, the railway crosses deserts, Gobi, marshes, wetland, snow capped mountains and meadow, unfolding heavenly sceneries before passengers' eyes.

Like a glistening ribbon, it travels through Mount Kunlun, the king of mountains, and by the Tuotuo River, the origin of the Yangtzi River, before traversing the Qiangtang Grassland, the carpet of Heaven. The ribbon finally ends in the holy city of Lhasa.




Qinghai Lake, lying in the northeast of Qinghai Province, approximately 150 km from Xining, is famous for its Bird Island. May and June are the best seasons for bird watching. More than ten species -- including geese, gulls, sandpipers, cormorants, black-necked cranes and brown-headed gulls - nest on the island during the spring time. About 100,000 migratory birds occupy an area of 0.8 square kilometers, making it a paradise for people as well as birds.

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