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Force Road in Lapeer, old creepy houses back in woods..


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Anyone have any info about this place? If you take Force Road to the dead end at I-69, you will notice a tee-pee structure of sorts at the west edge of the turn around, and a small path leading back into the woods. If you follow the path for about a half mile, it will take a sharp tun, and become very hilly. Up on a large hill in the woods is a large abandoned house, and a little bit further down the path, on the edge of a rather deep ravine, is a rather creepy 'cabin'. It is a very small, thee story (basement, main floor, and upstairs) house, complete with large stone fireplace, and spiral staircases. It has a stove inside as well, though no apparent running water.

Further down the path, there are other strange structures, and I have heard of a 'giant' chair out in the woods that is said to be ten feet tall.

This place just looks so out of place and abandoned, and is downright creepy. Does anyone have any info on what this place is?

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