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Thanksgiving tour


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On another board I visit, someone mentioned a relative visiting from the east coast. Said he'd like ideas on where to take her in Detroit (urban grit card played) on Thanksgiving weekend.

I suggested getting with The Parade Company and getting issued a costume. Or going to the parade as a mere spectator. Then dropping by the Great White South (no holiday in Windsor), ride the People Mover, check out Campus Martius, the refurbed RenCen, the DIA (we're getting into holiday closures here), and the usual Cranbrook-THF. [And I mentioned amateur football played DT. Har!]

Any better ideas? I'll send him over here when we get a few.

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Bring your rockin fold-up bike if it's warm! ;)

Eh, the riverwalk is probably going to bre pretty chilly in late November, so that might not be an option. I guess I'd suggest doing what you said and check out some of the museums.

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Take him to eat in hardrock cafe, that's always a good place. And if he's not staying with you set him up at a downtown Hotel such as RenCen Marriott.

Random question, but did Mariah Carrey or someone famous like that go to the Detroit Thanksgiving parade a few years back?

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