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Government Street


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High Traffic Flow Still a Concern

With the new North Blvd Overpass & Florida Blvd provider speedy east-west routes into downtown; turning Government Street into a slower, more pedestrian friendly corridor may be a good idea??


Two years after being knocked off the agenda by Hurricane Katrina, the idea of reducing Government Street from four lanes to three may be back on the radar.The first, conducted by ABMB Engineers in the summer of 2005, found that the stretch from the Mississippi River to Interstate 110 could be put on what is known as a

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According to this document, Government Street's highest VPD is approximately 21,000. Reducing Government St. to 3 lanes will result in a situation currently like Perkins between Siegen and Highland - it also has around 21,000 VPD.

Road diets are a good idea - if the road was either drastically overbuilt or if it's being underused. I'm not sure you can make either argument for Government.

Issues to consider are what a road diet would do to the neighborhoods that line Government. Would it create congestion so that residents can't get out of their homes? Would it promote pass-throughs - i.e. cars whizzing by on neighborhood streets to avoid Government? What are all the unforeseen consequences?

I'm not arguing against a road diet for Government. I honestly haven't been educated on enough of the pros for it, though.

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I understand the whole aspect that it could create a congestion problem. I am a full supporter of putting G'ment on a diet. I dont' suggest putting the whole stretch on a diet tho. I think it would be more beneficial for it to be 3 laned from the river to Acadian. Maybe if G'ment was 3 laned more people would make more use of N. Blvd which would still be 4 lanes. I think if we could divert more traffic to N. Blvd and on Florida those streets would have a better chance of being revitalized. Especially Florida between Acadian and Downtown. That area is just god aweful.

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I think that they should three lane government street, but only in downtown....and only if they can put in parallel parking that would actually be used.

I still don't see how they can fit 5 lanes (two traffic, a center turn lane, and two parallel parking lanes) into what is currently a 44' wide street.

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