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I found this new site that's probably the best I've seen with data on different metropolitan areas:

Dataplace.org - Grand Rapids MSA statistics

You can click on the different tabs for: Overview, Social/Demographic, Income/Employment, Housing, Mortgage Lending, Federal Expenditures

You can also go up to the "What's Next" section in the upper right and click on "See a map of Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland", and then choose which statistics you want to see mapped, like population density, income, and literally thousands of other inputs (and then you can even break it down by zip code or census tract). :w00t:

If you don't see the data sets on the little pull down menu at the bottom right of the map screen that you want, you can "Search For An Indicator" using keywords and "add" any number of indicators to your pull down.

Here's a map I ran showing population by zip code:


And average income by census tract:


Once you get your map loaded, you can move it around to look at the whole state or the whole country. Nice!

You can also run maps showing which areas of the metro area, state and country are heavy on subprime lending. :whistling:

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Where is the drool icon? One thing though, according the the 2005 Census estimation, the GR metro was 1,315,319. On this site they reference the Census estimate for 2005 as, 1,140,800 even thought it hasn't been that small way before 2000.

Awesome site Dad, thanks for sharing, this might come in handy for some UP task force.

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