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Air America Radio expanding coverage


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I'm happy to announce Air America Radio, the new liberal network, will be expanding in Memphis on WMQM 1600 AM - a 50,000 watt station.

Here is the national list:


On The Air


XM Satellite Radio - 167

Sirius Satellite Radio - 125


Chapel Hill, NC - WCHL 1360

Key West, FL - WKIZ 1500

New York City - WLIB 1190

Plattsburgh/Burlington - WTWK 1070

Portland, ME - WMTW 870


Anchorage, AK KUDO 1080

Honolulu KAOI 1110

Minneapolis - WMNN 1330

Portland, OR - KPOJ 620

Riverside, CA - KCAA 1050

Sacramento, CA KSQR 1240

Santa Cruz, CA KTEE 93.7 FM

San Luis Obispo, CA KYNS 1340

West Palm Beach, FL - WJNO 1290


Coming Soon...

Colorado Springs, Co KBZC 1300

Santa Fe, NM KOOT 101.5

Boulder, CO KBAC 610

Memphis, TN WMQM 1600

Reno, NV KXTO 1550

Northampton, MA WHMP 1400

Nashua, NH WSNH 900

Dish Network

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