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Dead Malls: El Con


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I think the so-called "dead malls" are fascinating. These are malls where a large portion of the retail is vacant.

The article today does a good job at conveying the feeling you get inside of it, but it looks like it may be put out of its misery pretty soon. It's been several years since the last "revitalization effort" and the management has been very sketchy on what exactly they planned to do, even though it always involved "big, wonderful changes."

Keep in mind also that this, at one time, was the mall in Tucson before Park Place just down the street was redone and malls became more passe.

Also, they had originally razed the famous and historic El Conquistador resort (hence the mall's name) to build this, very little of which is left. Now it's a sea of asphalt surrounding an ugly, over-air-conditioned building.

Deserted core of El Con Mall may be razed

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