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Reusing Existing Industrial Space for Industrial Purposes

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This a great piece in today's Courant. It was a pleasure to read. Since my family still lives in Newington -- not far from the Torrington Company plant mentioned in the article -- I've seen firsthand a vacant behemoth slowly be revivied.

This type of activity is essential if we want to preserve the economic vitality of many of Connecticut's cities and towns. This should be a top priority for Chambers of Commerce across the state. And the state should eliminate the damn tax on industrial equipment! (if it hasn't done so already).


Reviving A Giant

Bristol's Vast Former New Departure Plant Returns To Life, Piece By Piece


Special To The Courant

September 25, 2007


They may have separate company picnics and mission statements, but the five companies sharing space at the former New Departure/General Motors plant in Bristol have a common bond: finding new ways to use an old manufacturing facility.


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They are doing quite a bit of this in the eastern side of the state. There are old giant mill complexes in Thompson, Putnam, and Danielson which have light industrial and some commercial uses. The only problem is, the costs to restore these old buildings might be as high as building someplace new. And for towns like Thompson, they seemingly want business to go into these mills and nowhere else, which angers companies from potentially moving in being forced to make slim pickings or decide to go to other towns.

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