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Georgetown Mall


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i haven't heard anything about this, but i'm not familiar with the area news i guess. i do think this would be an awesome idea. scott county and georgetown continue to rapidly grow. a nice mall would definitely poise the county for more growth and increase the quality of life in the area for the new residents moving in.

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It won't be a mall, but more like Hamburg in Lexington. Several big box stores with other smaller buildings and out lots surrounding them. It is around 850,000 SF, which is huge. Mark May out of Lexington is trying to team with CBL, who manages Fayette Mall. I think it is all still pretty preliminary. I don't think they have any tenents yet. I imagine it would be things like Home Depot, Kroger, maybe a Belks or JC Penny's(though I think they are going in the development on 460 & the Connector Rd.). That would be my guess. I doubt there will be any Mall type stores like Gap, Banana Republic, etc. There was an article about a month ago in the Herald Leader but it didn't have many details.

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