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Bloomingdale's Set to Open in Friendship Heights

A slightly smaller than usual branch of Bloomingdale's will open this week in Friendship Heights, just across from the Metro station. This area has supplanted Connecticut Avenue and downtown as the city's premier shopping area. Other stores nearby include Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany's. I'd rather see this happen in downtown Washington, but it's good to see these stores in (at least) a semi-urban setting.

WJLA News Channel 8

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Royal Ahold Plans Renovations at Giant Stores in the Area

Dutch conglomerate Royal Ahold plans renovations at all or most of its Giant grocery stores in the District and the surrounding suburbs. It's been a while since I've set foot in one of them, as I am cursed with having to do my shopping at the crummy Safeway Townhouse on 19th Street. I also have the wonderful (HA!) selection at the Soviet Safeway on 17th Street at my disposal. The latter picked up the sobriquet because of its nearly bare shelves. When I lived on Wisconsin Avenue in the 90's, I used to go into the Giant on occasion. I can see how renovations would be in order for all of their stores. The recent introduction of Trader Joe's at the Columbia Condominium in the West End has caused something of a revolution in the area, but it's too far out of my way for me to shop there.

The Washington Post

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I was looking at some of my future shopping options when I move to Washington. I checked out The Mall at Pentegon City, Tysons Corner Center, Tysons Galleria, Fairfax Square, and The Collection at Chevy Chase, and I noticed something very unusual- The nation's capitol doesn't have a Giorgio Armani or even an Emporio Armani Boutique. Why Mr. Armani does not have a presence in our nation's capitol is beyound me. But I did notice some other great upscale options such as my favorite being Gucci, and it seems that D.C. has three of those as well as two Tiffany & Co. and two Cartier stores as well as Bvlgari, and then my second favorite Versace. Wow, even a Dior at Chevy Chase. I don't think it will be a problem finding the Giorgio Armani "white label". The white label is usually in abundant supply at Neiman Marcus, or Saks Fifth Avenue. Still strange about Giorgio Armani though. With the wealth around the D.C. metro Mr. Armani is missing an opportunity. Ok that's enough, I feel I am rambling on.:blink:

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