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Bosgraff proposed new lofts in downtown Holland


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Although the working name is way too honest, a 30-year vacant, 1900-era industrial building in downtown Holland will be turned into the next loft project by Padnos, Inc. and Scott Bosgraff, a la Baker Lofts. The project will utilize, TIF, NEZ and Brownfield incentives.

The market will be the young "creative class", looking for downtown living at a very affordable cost.

The main building is 40,000 sq. ft, and will feature 1st floor retail, along with 26-30 residential units averaging 800 sq. ft. Indoor parking will be available for one car per unit in an adjacent building.


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The project sounds cool, but the name gives me mixed feelings. It identifies it right away as an industrial conversion, which is cool, but if you tell someone you live in the Scrap Yard lofts you may have to explain to the person that it's not an actual scrap yard :)

Is there any retail signed on for the first floor yet?

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I always thought the building was cool but the view of horrible. To the west you look over Padnos's scrap yard. I wonder if the snow melt will be brought down that far on river. I think it stops at 7th right now. It will be interesting to see if there is that much interest. Good Luck.

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