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Stereotypical Hawaii? - Kalakaua Ave Waikiki etc

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Aloha!, Come and take a little walk down Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki with me! I ventured off a little later in the thread but most of its along Kalakaua Avenue so enjoy. :D All were taken this morning so they are pretty fresh!

Just in case you've been sleepin' on my threads, which I know many of you have...its all good cause here are some links to them and they show the not so stereotypical Honolulu

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..and a little stop at the Annual Filipino Fiesta - I missed the Parade which was at 9am - Oh well its Saturday! ;) Anyhow this years theme is "Panahon Na!" meaning "It's time!" in Tagalog. BTW all 13 major regions & different dialects of the Philippines were represented from the Mindanao region to the Illocos etc Lots of arts & crafts, pageantries, food, etc! It started at 9am and goes til 5pm today.









..a Filipino martial arts group practicing before their performance on stage




I just stopped by the Fiesta for a little had a "Bubble Drink" then headed across the street to snap a few pics of some local art stuff then headed home to post this for you folks haha :D



Mahalo! (Thanks) for stoping by!

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