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O'Hare International Airport Modernisation Plan

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O'Hare International Airport is undergoing a $6 billion modernisation plan to increase the airport's capacity by 60% and to decrease passenger delays by 79%. It was approved by the FAA in October 2005 and involves a reconfiguration of the airfield and addition of terminal space.

* Four new runways will be constructed, two existing runways will be extended, and two other runways will be decommissioned and removed.

* Expand terminals 5 and 3

* Construct a 3rd control tower

* Build 1 to 3 new terminals on the west side of the airport

* Build a new Western Access Road on the existing Thorndale Road from the interchange west of Interstate 290.

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I suppose Chicago has decided to modernize O'Hare rather than build a third airport for the area? That is going to be an amazing feat to rework O'Hare while keeping it at the current or near current capacity.

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