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The Brazilians in South Florida


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Good morning. I visited the Orlando forum (from my "native" Northwest Arkansas Urban Planet group) and hopped over here for a moment. I'm studying Portuguese and work for a company which has expanding operations in Brazil - hope to get down there someday as it's a fascinating country. Most anyone who reads about Miami hears about neighborhoods (and perhaps these had a different name down there) called "Little Havana", "Little Haiti", "Little Nicaragua", etc. - yet Florida's main foreign trading partner is currently Brazil (I wonder if any other U.S. state has such a relationship with this nation?). I've visited the Miami/Brazil embassy and C of C web sites so I know there's a significant population emerging down there. A couple of questions:

1. What area(s) of Miami or south Florida are or are becoming heavily Brazilian, and are residents coming from all parts of that very large nation (I think Miami's the only US city which has a (TAM) flight to Manaus in the interior) or just from the areas of Rio / SP and on south?

2. What's the best traditional Brazilian restaurant in south Florida? I'm not trying to put down the gaucho steakhouse style of restaurants so prevalent elsewhere, but wondering what restaurants serve northern Brazilian/Para state cooking, or capixaba or Comido Miniero cuisine that's genuinely originated in that country? (It'd be cool to know a restaurant that serves all three when I come to visit but that might IMO be like asking for a combination italian/mexican/seafood restaurant elsewhere in the US.)


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When I was a substitute teacher there was a school in northern Broward county called Lyons Creek middle that had a HUGE Brazilian population. I am not sure where they were living but I would assume in the coconut creek area so that is a good place to start. As for a good Brazilian restaurant, the best I know of is Brazil Brazil on Federal Highway down near the beach. The contact info is : 3485 North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306-1007 +1 954 561 8200.

If you like Brazilian House music there is a spot I think either down on south beach or in the grove. I can find out the name of it if you like.

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I have been intending to try Chima for some time now. It looks like a handsome restaurant and I have generally heard good things- along with reports of a hefty price tag. One of these days I'll get over there. Has anyone visited any of these places? I do enjoy churrascaria restaurants. It might be better to continue this discussion in the South Florida Restaurants thread.

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