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785 Eighth Avenue


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In the heart of Manhattan, in the so called "Movie District" of 8th Avenue and close to Times Square section of Manhattan, ILA crafted a beautiful residential glass tower. The featured design responds to the challenge of an oddly shaped site which results in a 40-story building with a still, rigorous geometry, defying the difficulties of the site: irregular shape and very small footprint. The angular nature of the site is exacerbated in the triangular shapes of the penthouse. The volumetric composition is complemented by the addition of cascading balconies with glass railings. The abstract sculptural quality of the whole resonates with the nearby very dynamic theater district. The slick curtain wall will reflect the setting sun and calming waters of the Hudson River.

The tower has 110 condominium units distributed on forty floors above ground level, a cellar and partial sub-cellar. The Ground Floor consists of residential lobby and a commercial space which extends to the outdoor garden in the rear. The building has two entrances with the Main residential lobby being accessible from 48th street and Eighth Avenue providing access to the retail and residential functions. The Ground floor residential entry has a skylight and a waterfall. The cellar also has a fitness center, lounge space, changing rooms and bicycle storage. Each apartment unit features high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass, wood floors and interior finishing in stone and marble. The apartments on second and seventh floor have outdoor terraces and from each of the units from the 8th through 40th floors have balconies. The rooftop has outdoor terraces with hot tubs and is part of 40th floor penthouse and 39th floor apartments. The northern portions of upper floors offer wonderful views of the northern and eastern parts of Manhattan as well as the Hudson River.




Update 9-10-07:


(photo by Carlos)

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