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Two Cities, Two Great Skylines

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Our great state is in the midst of a skyscraper boom. Nashville has built some beautes...While Memphis has been revitilizing it's old office buildings and turning them into condos. It's so great to see two totally different, but yet two beautiful skylines in our state. Nashville has the more modern skyline, while Memphis has that old character with a modern twist to it. While walking in Nashville's downtown you can't help but think about how much greater it can actually become if all of these corporations keep moving here. While walking through Memphis it's amazing to see what a great job they have done turning it around and not only making it beautiful and appealing to the artistic eye, but safe. The skyline took a big two decade set back with the predictions of future earth quakes in Memphis. Most pics that you see of the Memphs skyline are old ones, they don't really show how far it has come. Especially considering FedEx and Autozone have yet to get in on the action. FedEx does build skyscrpapers, they have two in Dallas for the Kinkos headquarters. Autozone will definatley build one looking down on their baseball stadium. It's only a matter of time before Nissan builds something in Nashville, and with Nike making Memphis their second biggest location, who knows but that they will get in on something.

Now, Nashville has the Sig on the way and just finished another one. Memphis has One Beale, The Horizon and Trinity Tower coming on. This is a great time for Tennessee. People are taking notice. With Memphis being named one of the top 5 real estate markets, and Nashville being named the top spot for corporate relocation, it's safe to say the Tennessee is on the map.

And we don't even give East Tennessee the credit they deserve. They give this state so many tax dollars with the tourism they draw in. East Tennessee makes a lot of the things going on in Tennessee possible.

Governor Phil Bredesen is doing a great job state wide. Even though West Tn politics is pretty much a joke, Phil does a good job of offsetting it and serivng our state well.

It won't be long before Tennesse has to have a second major corridor going along the south to off set the growth along I 40. It's definately good times in TN.

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