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Renderings of proposed Highrises in Memphis and Nashville

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I would like to start this thread for everyone to post any pics of new highrises being built in Tennessee. This is a good way for Tennesseans to come together and be proud of everyones achievements.

Please post your own as well.

In Alphabetical Order:

Candy Factory Twin Towers in Memphis:30 stories a piece (only proposed)

The Horizon Memphis Project: (Under Construction!!)


The Icon in Nashville: (Proposed)


One Beale in Memphis: (Under Construction!!)


The Signature Tower in Nashville: (proposed)

Do we really need photos for this one??

Trinity Tower in Memphis: (Proposed)


The Viridian in Nashville: (Completed!!!)


The Vue in Memphis: (only proposed, no renderings)

The West end Summit in Nashville: (Proposed)


The Westin in Memphis: (Completed!!!)


Also see for Nashville:


Also see for Memphis:


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Those were planned towers to go around the Spagehetti Warehouse; however, my friend's dad (one of the developers) passed away, so the plans have stalled.

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