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[Morehead] Freight Station may be relocated

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Freight Station: $95,000 offer turned down by owners

By Kim Hamilton, The Morehead News, September 6, 2007

The Morehead Tourism Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to use the city's eminent domain authority to acquire the Freight Station building, if necessary. The Commission has approached the Barker family, who owns the building, with a price of $95,000, but the family has declined. The Commission is asking for $75,000 for the one-acre lot, located between U.S. Bank and S. Wilson Avenue.

The Freight Station was used when the Chesapeake and Ohio ran through the center of Morehead. The lines were taken out in the summer of 1985. It lies across the street from the Morehead Conference Center.

The commission would use the property for parking, and would be willing to relocate it if the Commission is willing. They are interested in moving it to Triplett Creek for use as a Rails to Trails trailhead.

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