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Men's Journal's 50 Best Places To Live

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1) San Diego, CA

2) Portland, OR

3) Boston, MA

4) Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

5) Austin, TX

6) Denver, CO

7) Pittsburgh, PA

8) Phoenix, AZ

9) Seattle, WA

10) New York, NY


1) Boulder, CO

2) Madison, WI

3) Charlottesville, VA

4) Santa Fe, NM

5) Santa Cruz, CA

6) Flagstaff, AZ

7) Burlington, VT

8) Reno, NV

9) Tucson, AZ

10) Manchester, NH


1) Missoula, MT

2) New Paltz, NY

3) Morgantown, WV

4) Apalachicola, FL

5) Kerrville, TX


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As far as the first list goes, I'm not exactly sure how Reno, NV made it on the list of the best small cities. Maybe I'm just not seeing something there....

And I suppose I just have to trust the "best small towns" list, since I have never even heard of a single town on that list.

As far as the second list goes....

Riverside, CA made the list for the most liveable mid-sized city? You've got to be kidding me! That place is just an overgrown suburb of Los Angeles.

And San Jose....one of the most liveable large cities? I have visited San Jose on many occasions, and that too is an overgrown suburb. The downtown area is very small for a city of 980,000, and it definately has a suburban feel.

On the other hand, it's nice to see Grand Rapids on the list. It is underrated. It gets overshadowed by Detroit and Chicago most of the time. It is a very nice city, although it can feel like a small town at times. Downtown doesn't have many skyscrapers, but that is changing as downtown is being redeveloped.

I find it interesting that two areas of Michigan made it into the "best regions" category. I definately agree with the placement of Traverse City on the list. That area the most scenic area in the lower peninsula, and quite possibly the entire state. Marquette is a nice place as well, although being in the upper peninsula it is quite isolated.

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