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Storms rip through the Kansas City metro

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Downtown Kansas City is lighting up after a tornadic storm area dissipated. KCTV5 has been showing live footage of downtown and alot of lighting is lighting up the skyline.

A storm that produced tons of tornadoes came within miles of Downtown Overland Park, KS before dissipating into thunderstorms.

The southwestern part of that cloud/storm is still strengthening and is readying to cross the state line with it's tornadoes.

The entire KC metro is under a flash flood watch and parts of it in the south are under tornado warnings.

I have been "monitoring" the tornadic storms that came close to the urban core, at about 7:30pm the Weatherbug camera for Olathe KS went completely black b/c of the storms.

Downtown KCMO is that loop you see formed by the highways, and the area about 2-3 miles south of that.

KCTV5's dopplar camera for online:


KCTV5's tower camera atop their 1042ft freestanding tower right at the border between downtown and midtown:


Southeastern Jackson County is under a tornado warning, looks like the tornados stopped at Johnson County Kansas and waited until they were past the urban core till they started back up again.

First report:


More updates coming...

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yup :) God must love KC, because right before the storms hit our urban core, they always dissipate

another story:


We went up by Chillicothe and that area today, I didn't see much damage, but we werent near a very populated area.









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It scares the crap out of me, it heads towards me, then at the last minute either dissipates or changes direction. Last year I had tornadoes on both the east and west sides of me and bothe were 1-2 miles away. It's sorta freaky, everything outside goes pitch black with alot of silence, if you are in the way of the tornado then it would hit suddenly after the silence. We went out and picked up the golf ball sized hail. I think I still have a photo of one, I just don't know where it is.

Oh crap, I forgot, I have relatives and friends in Olathe... I'm sure they are ok.

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