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PROPOSED: Four Points by Sheraton

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From tomorrow's (10/16) CPC agenda:

8.Case No. 07-049MA 395 Promenade Street (Public Informational Meeting)

Request for Master Plan stage approval for the development of a new 164-room hotel. The project includes selective demolition, restoration of an existing building, and construction of a new hotel building. The subject property is located on the north side of Promenade Street between Bath Street and Pleasant Valley Parkway (AP 67, Lots 340, 180, 522 and 523). (Smith Hill)

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Whats nice about this project is it can really help expand the riverwalk area, perhaps we can get a few shops and restaraunts to pop up on that side. A really cool idea would be to perhaps create a bar/nightlife district allong the river like Savannah or Little rock.

Im hoping that the 164 room would put it above 12 stories

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Well this wouldn't fix that. Let's all stumble out of the bars Downcity, get in the car and drive to the Promenade? IHOP is revolting, but if they want to catch the late night crowd, they should move into a proper storefront Downcity, like the old IHOP in Kenmore Square.
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