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Civic Tower - A stuctural engineering marvel with-

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Nearing completion is Sydney's Civic Tower. It was first on the drawing boards in the late 60s by an Australian architectural firm Joseland Gilling. The base was completed in 1974 and it is The Masonic Centre. It was always meant to have a tower atop.

The tower known as Civic Tower was put on hold for 30 years. Sydney now has the tower nearing completion and it is taller and wider than the original proposal. The project architects are now Peddle Thorp Walker.

The base of the tower is supported by the diagonal transfer structure and the dead weight of the tower is transfered down through the main core. This will also be true for the live weight i.e. loads of equipment, furniture and people occupying it.

A mid-riser by any means, the total structure reaches 132m/433ft. The tower and base = 30 levels. Style: Brutalism.




Current construction pics by F. Amuso:


...and one by R. Braddish on cladding the diagonal transfer structure:


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Cool... not exactly what I would call a pretty building, but the base is pretty unique.

I agree. It has a rather

 bland top. The base is very unique. I kind of looks like it is going to fall over though.

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It is overpowering standing and looking up at the base of the tower. Many have stated that it looks like it's about to topple over. People stand in awe on the street and their expressions are worth a $million!

As far as the clump of a top goes, it was popular in 70s designs for illuminated signage to grace them....and the newer project architects stuck as close to the original brutalist design as possible - updated technologically of course, 30 years hence.

Personally I would have liked a diagonally-shaped crown that complemented the base (but it's not my design ;):( )

One blooper being ammended is that about one level underneath in the foundations, rubber padding was layed to halt vibrations of a subway line beneath. Since then it had hardened and the vibrations had increased somewhat. With the weght of the tower, these subway vibrations will once again decrease. :)

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