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Best places to Live in Birmingham


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I just moved from Louisiana to the Mt Olive Gardendale area.. I love it here.. close enough to everything I need.. I would not consider Fultondale.. it will soon be chaotic and I fear crime will be moving into the area really soon.. I think the Kimberly and Morris area is a sure thing..
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Morris, AL, population 1,868, is located in Alabama's Jefferson county, about 15.7 miles from Birmingham and 69.1 miles from Huntsville.

Through the 90's Morris's population has grown by about 61%. It is estimated that in the first 5 years of this decade the population of Morris has grown by about 2%.

Morris's property crime levels tend to be much lower than Alabama's average level. The same data shows violent crime levels in Morris tend to be much lower than Alabama's average level.

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it's hard for people from a particular area of town not to be partisan. which is precisely the impulse against which we bhamsters must fight, if we are to promote the kind of region-wide consensus that could foster the great accomplishments that have eluded our balkanized metro.

i can be critical, in an anecdotal, personal way, of some of the areas suggested above - but the point would be...? bham needs fewer people doing that. and my needs and preferences are not in line with those of every demographic of newcomer; some prefer suburbia; some need low-cost housing areas; some insist on living within a respected school system's district boundaries; some like coffee shops and markets on the ground floor of their urban apartment block, etc.

i live in highland, and i love it. i've lived in the glen iris neighborhood, and liked that (would have loved it, save for being saddled with a particularly bad, dilapidated apartment - a unique situation not typical of that area, necessarily); lived in cahaba heights (pre-vestavia) and was not so crazy about that (though most who live there like it very much indeed, and, given their family situations and child-raising quality-of-life concerns, i can see why); and lived elsewhere in highland - a bit closer to lakeview than my current abode - and loved that also.

regarding housing: there is the occasional housing 'find' even in this area, as gentrified as it is becoming. pricing is relative to the obvious factors (state of repair, school zone; surrounding prop. value history, amenities), but also it's relative to what you value as a prospective buyer. a 900-sqare-foot fixer-upper 'condo' conversion unit in highland is great if you're a DIY-minded carpenter with some skill and ambition...and if you also are single or married without children of K-12 age (though this is not a deal-breaker for everyone, it's a significant reason why the demo of in-town affluent types is so childless, or empty-nested, on the whole.)...and if your idea of a good daily routine involves a very even mixture of walking, driving and (perhaps) biking to accomplish A-to-B tasks...and if you like to have a relatively generous array of unique (read: not homogenous) amenities and income-disposal opportunities and cultural offerings (both high and low) within a very small radius of your home...and if your tolerance for the closeness of strangers favors face-to-face (sometimes elbow-to-elbow), not always private, often random contacts - or, rather, if your idea of negotiating the sea of anonymous fellow bham residents is to do so at range, from within the confines of a car; or from a lawn-buffered, private home with no neighbors' windows peering out towards yours.

you get the idea...i hope.

preference, necessity and that indefinable sense of contentment that comes to each of us via such very different avenues - these are the factors that make a single recommendation difficult. but planning is a wise thing - if for no other reason than that it engages your emotional investment in the decision to move here and live here. you're validating the optimism associated with your decision as long as you're making plans and strategizing your move.

good luck!

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