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Candidates for Mayor


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I watched the debate on Channel 3 yesterday and I think the only two candidates who get it are Mathews and Perez, followed by McCauley. Milner seems out of touch, and just wants to take care of getting everyone in Hartford a job. Nice idea, but some people don't want to work and you can't discourage investors from coming into the city. I think he said something like "Hartford shouldn't be a convention city."

McCauley is probably the most likeable, but not very aggressive. DeJesus doesn't have a grasp of the issues and gave some really simple answers to questions. Gonzalez seems to have real trouble with the English language. In the Courant I read she wants to turn the YMCA into a homeless shelter. WHat a bad idea. Bill Curry wrote he thought it was a good idea. Thank goodness he wasn't elected governor.

The thing that concerns me about Perez is the loss of the corporations: ING, Mass Mutual, WFSB and MetLife. Imagine if ING and WFSB's new buildings in Windsor and Rocky Hill had been built downtown. Who will be next if he gets re-elected? He also needs to make amends with Governor Rell.

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