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Top 100 DJs of 2007

Allison Slater

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Daft Punk seemed a little low considering that huge crossover hit with Kanye West.

Then again, how many people actually know DP did the beat for Stronger?

Surprised Maor Levi didn't get some recognition. It's easier to name the compilations I bought this year that didn't have "Reflect" on it. Passport USA and Anjunabeats Vol. 5 didn't; while State of Trance 07, State of Mind, ISOS 6, Nightmusic Vol. 2 did.

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The DJs who make the top ranks of the poll usually have an active presence in the clubs as well. It also spans all genres, and is worldwide. I'm not surprised at all Daft Punk didn't make the list: I don't think they're even producing anymore, have never heard of them being at any clubs, and their tune was just a cameo in a rap song that may not have even made it to Europe.

As for Maor Levi, there's a bunch of great current artists who didn't even make the list. There's a LOT of great DJs out there when you combine the genres, and it's a tough battle to even make the list.

Rank 1, Yoji Biomehanika, Randy Katana, didn't even make the list this year.

P.S.: Wow, Daft Punk DID make the list. That's surprising. Maybe I'll have to see if they've released anything recently.

P.P.S.: DJ Dan and Christopher Lawrence did not make the list this year because they were found to have a marketing agent who was cheating the polls. They were disqualified, and minus the cheating votes, I don't believe Dan had enough to make the Top 100 anyway.. which makes sense, he was definately not Top 100 material when I saw him last Winter.

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Ugh, this list kind of sucks, the only thats on the top 10 that should be is Carl Cox. Richie Hawtin #19?! He should be in the top 5. Also, what about Claude VonStroke, Michael Mayer, Bad Boy Bill (#38?), Matt Dear, Luciano, Marco Carola and Kevin Saunderson? This looks more like a list of 'club' djs who play 'dance' music. If anyone saw any of the above DJ's at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival they would agree they are some of the best in the world.

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It's a worldwide list. Casey Kasem may be famous in the US, but he isn't exactly 'skilled' as he just plays what's at the top of the charts.. moreover, I'd imagine he's rather nameless across the seas. The same goes for artists such as Bad Boy Bill. Their brand of music isn't very big worldwode, and is pretty much confined to the US as far as popularity goes. It takes the DJs with large worldwide followings, such as Armin van Buuren and Tiesto (though they don't compare to Bad Boy Bill in the US, they still rank rather high, and throughout the rest of the world are at the top of the game) to earn the high rankings on the list.

The DJ Mag poll does not descriminate by genre or skill at all, it is merely a worldwide poll of people's favourite DJs.

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