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Brunswick County is still one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S.( ranked 55 out of 3143 counties, parishes and independent cities). An article in today's Wilmington Star News says almost 17,000 homes in six developments, which have all been approved by the Brunswick Co. or Leland City governments, are being built, or planned to be built in the next decade. All of these developments have construction going on now. Some, Brunswick Forest for example, (with over 10,000 home sites), will take at least a decade to fully develop. This is only the houses located in the Leland, Belville area off of road 133 except for Brunswick Forest which has a entrance off of Hwy 17. This does not include the Belville downtown re-development or any other development in Leland or the rest of Brunswick County. Leland, Belville, and Navassa were the fastest growing municipalities in NC according to the 2006 estimates, Leland at 396%, Belville 297% and Navassa 281%.

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I hate to say it, but a lot of those developments are just more unchecked sprawl with little or no-mixed-use component to induce more walking and less auto-dependence... they probably have no impact fees to assess for improvements on local roads. Soon enough people will start to complain about worsening traffic, and wonder why there's a problem. <_<

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