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Infill Land- Underwater "Lots" Create Controversy


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Sunrise Bay

The owner of several "lots" of land under Sunrise Bay has filed an application to fill in enough land to create an island with several luxurious houses. This has stirred debate in an area already reeling from rampant development. The irony of this is curious in that many who oppose the island are occupying lots which were once under water. Many of the fingers of land which now exist in Fort Lauderdale were built up from the water underneath. This does not mean that it should continue unabated. For the record, I don't think it is necessary or desirable to create an island in Sunrise Bay. Property rights may dictate otherwaise, but I don't see this as a wise use of the bay- public or private. What do you think of the precedent here?

The Sun Sentinel

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That may be the best option. I think the potential for unwanted development might be too great otherwise. Still, the precedent set by a buyout might be none too attractive for municipal governments throughout So. Fla.. The prospect of islands erupting in the middle of the bay is not an attractive one. Stopping this development should be accomplished somehow. I don't want anyone to get the impression that I'm simply against growth. Growth is going to happen in So. Fla. whether or not the residents want it. The big question is managing the growth in such a way that the quality of life is not damaged for the existing residents. Islands bursting forth from the bays may not be the best scenario for the future of the area.

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