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Where can I get crawfish?


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I figured I would just ask you guys.

Does anyone know where I can get some fresh, raw, crawdads to boil up??? I've been to Lombardi's Seafood one time and don't remember if I've seen them there or not. I'm planning on boiling up a few pounds of them on Saturday for the UCF Tailgate.

Hopefully I'll find some crawfish or I'll have to stick to just shrimp.

HELP!! :w00t:

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Depending on how frivolous you wish to be, I know there are a couple of services in LA that will airfreight live crawfish. You pick up at the airport. This is cheaper than the Marie Antoinette style of chartering your own plane and having them meet you at an airport in LA.

And no I am not that frivolous. How ever I did help one helluva' engineer pick up some chilli cheese dogs and orange drinks from the airport a few years ago.

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I actually saw the live crawfish shipping to the airport while looking on the internet, but it was too late for me and a lot of the places don't have them now. I guess it really isn't crawfish season.

I went to Lombardi's yesterday and that place has really improved from the last time I was in there. They had frozen crawfish for $15 for a 5lb bag. That's a good price. Supposedly, Lombardi's has live crawfish around springtime! I can't wait for that!

MAntionazzi and OrlandoNative: I tailgate in the memory mall area, just behind the parking garage. The surface lot that backs up to the Alumni Mall is where I park and I tailgate right behind. Usually I have loud music but I blew up my receiver last week and will only have a boombox. We usually have several tents hooked up to each other. Just look for the black Jeep Wrangler with the FSU Seminoles (it's my wife's car) tire cover. We're usually right around it and we have a blue blow-up couch. Come on by and say hello. You might be able to smell the crawfish and shrimp boiling.

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