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Why do they feel the need to put the name has Hartford, Ct.

I know it is me being picky, but why does Rhode Island put Hartford, Ct on their road signs????? Come on, we all know Hartford is in Connecticut.

The state of Connecticut doesn't put Providence, RI or does Rhode Island put Boston, MA.

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Don't be ridiculous, it could easily be confused with these other booming metropolises (metropoli?)

Hartford, Arkansas

Hartford, Iowa

Hartford, Illinois

Hartford, Alabama

Hartford, Kentucky

Hartford, Kansas

I saw one sign (I forget where) that said "Hartford, CN" ...???

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If a destination "control city" on a road sign is in another state, FHWA rules require the state's abbreviation to be placed next to the "control city." So, Mass. (with the exception of the Mass. Turnpike Authority) and R.I. are in compliance and Connecticut is out of compliance. Frankly, I think a state abbreviation is helpful to out-of-state travelers.

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