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'Queen Park' Developments - Area around New Bern Station


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Doug Smith's article in the Observer focused on the Silos at South End (which is misnamed, since they are located south of Remount in what is now known as Queen Park) which will include 500 units of housing and 100k sq. ft. of commercial space, with a large share targeted towards artists and design businesses.


I do hope the three silos get art similar to the rendering.


There was also mention of some other project.

Area 521 (I do like that name) - which will be 3-4 restaurants located in the SW corner of South and Remount.


FMK's new offices, which is a renovation of an old industrial building adjacen the the New Bern station.


Also, two apt. communities were re-announced. Colonial Properties (of Renwick/Enclave fame) is proposing to start next fall on 346 apartments where the Bonded Distribution warehouse sits (this is where HHHunt had proposed a building several years ago). Also, Broad Street Partners is proposing to start 250 apartments earlier next year on Foster by the LRT station.

While all the residential is great, I'm also glad to hear about the commercial space, because that's what generates foot traffic, and a good mix is needed at each station in order to create dynamic neighborhoods.

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The article mentioned something about a light show or some sort of projection on the other side of the silos. Wonder if that will be like the light art on the side of the Duke Energy building? Could it possibly turn into an outdoor movie theatre (i.e. drive-in)? That would be awesome. Charlotte hasn't seen one of those in years.

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The article mentioned something about a light show or some sort of projection on the other side of the silos. Wonder if that will be like the light art on the side of the Duke Energy building? Could it possibly turn into an outdoor movie theatre (i.e. drive-in)? That would be awesome. Charlotte hasn't seen one of those in years.
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This is the area just south of Remount. The area just north of Remount in SouthEnd are areas being pursued by BlueSky and Greenhawk. Those projects can be discussed here:


or in the general SouthEnd thread here:


The projects around Scaleybark Station just south of this area can be discussed here:


I have always believed the New Bern Station is a great place for new transit oriented density. Not only did Heath do an excellent job with kicking this area off right with 3030 South, but it has an interesting grid, has a grocer within a couple blocks (Home Economist Market), has a good base of industrial buildings that abut the streets for interesting reuse, and is just south of the already burgeoning SouthEnd district. I think the extension of Poindexter across the tracks will also be a positive advance for this area, as it creates better connections to South Blvd and to the tree-canopied neighborhoods to the east.

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I just looked up the site where Broad Street Partners is doing their project. I think it has flown under the radar because the rezoning must have been done a while back by the planning commission for the station area plans.

BSP just bought the land for $9.25M this summer for this building and its land:


Removing that blight and building up 250 apartments next to the train station is big deal.

These projects are creating a baseline of activity for the area, that I think will help spur other projects among the open parcels and the interesting brick industrial buildings worth saving. This area has great potential for having retail, restaurants and other things going into the old buildings that can handle it. They are just post WWII, so they do not have some of the architectural charm of the older cotton warehouses in SouthEnd, but they are all brick construction, and many will likely have the curved wooden roofs that look great when exposed.

Examples are: (I'm linking rather than embedding for space).





Here is a mini-map of where these projects are. The Pepsi plant, which will be sold eventually, is between 3030 South and the Bonded Distribution site. The CATS Vehicle Maintenance Facility is just south of all these projects, creating a southern boundary for this project. North of Remount, you can see the parcels tied to Greenhawk's plans for the area and SouthHaus.


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Dubone, thanks for updating the map. I tend to agree, this area is one of the most unique and ever since the reallignment of the LRT and S. Blvd (although not the best), I really could envision this being a very popular area for dense redevlopment. It reminds me of a small tourist "strip" in many ways. I'm glad to see the projects announced.

Area 521- in the picture is that a Fudruckers?!

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It sounds like a pretty ambitious project, and incorporating three of the silos into the development is a great touch. One one side, they will serve as canvases for works of art for local artists, and the other side is said to become "a massive light and video projection screen" for a community art park that will include a band stage, a fire-pit gathering place, and outdoor sculpture. The article can be found here.

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I drove along the line today, watching to see how my pace fared relative to the inbound cars... 3 passed me and I was working as much speed as s. Blvd would allow.

Also the Queens Park sign may be a memory if I was looking at the correct spot. They were actively making a parking lot. Not 100% on that, but on someone's next ride check it to see.

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Where did the "Queen Park" name originate?

I'll also add that the land for the Broad Street Partners Apartments seems to have been almost totally cleared now, FMK's interior demo is chuging along and the chain-link fencing has gone up around Bonded Distribution demolition. Combined with the impending construction to finish 3030 South, I have a lot to look at when I walk to New Bern station.

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The whole corridor from Scaleybark to Tremont, from the east side of South Blvd to the West side of the tracks is becoming a blank canvas of empty lots with concrete foundations and no buildings. The potential in this area is amazing. Hopefully developers are coordinating in one way or another to blend this area together with projects that can relate and not just a bunch of "backsides" facing each other.

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