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Harry Taylor vs. Sue Myrick


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i was struck and elated to see that Harry Taylor is planning to run against Sue Myrick for congress. http://campaigntracker.blogspot.com/

you might remember mr. taylor as the man who stood up and voiced his criticism against bush - when bush was in town over a year ago.

here is the most complete segment i could find:


this, of course made national news and thrust this "average" citizen of charlotte in the spotlight. it appears that mr. taylor has decided to use that momentum to try and oust a long time, career politician, sue myrick. can she be beaten in her district?

i, for one, was very proud of this charlottean when he stood up and voiced his opposition to bush... it's probably the most public criticism the administration has been allowed (rather they didn't screen their audience very thoroughly) to face. IMO, harry taylor comes off as a humble, intelligent person with determined convictions... i would LOVE to see him evict myrick.

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I know Harry to a decent degree and have spent a good bit of time around him in social circumstances, and I can say while he's a nice, determined, opionated guy, I can't imagine that he would be effective in congress. I think Sue does fairly well in helping Charlotte secure federal funds, and I can't see this same level of result from Harry.

Besides, since there is 100% certainty that Bush will be gone by the time he or Myrick is elected, I would hope that whoever Myrick faces in the polls is concerned about how to effectively serve the constituancy, and not concerned with criticizing a "retired" president.

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^ personally, i feel - it's not as much as criticizing bush - as it is standing up in that crowd and voicing your fear as to where this country is headed. i don't think just "retiring" bush - mitigates all the GOP puppets that have pandered to bush and enabled poor policy.

as for mr. taylor being effective in congress - i don't know. i do know that he seems to have the will to speak up in a very tough crowd... that, coupled with the fact that i don't think sue myrick has done such a hot job. maybe she has helped charlotte secure some federal funds and she sure knows how to drum up the PR machine - but, that is hardly all that i look for in a U.S. congress rep.

i adamently oppose her social views and not to mention she has been an avid "yes man/woman" to the bush administration.

i do acknowledge that she is going to be tough to beat in her mostly white/affluent district. but, i think harry taylor can give her a good run.

*edit, refined thought on line 3

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I don't think Harry is running as one issue candidate. He is ardently opposed to the war but that's hardly a lunatic fringe position anymore. I think he would bring a more progressive and fair minded view on a wide variety of issues. He sure does have an uphill fight against Myrick. It would be wonderful to get rid of Myrick and Dole this time around. They are both rubberstamps for the status quo and have done nothing constructive for North Carolina in my opinion.

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