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MSU Art Department moving into downtown's "Brick City"

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"MSU will pay $11.25 per square foot, according to a school news release, and the price will increase in step with the Kansas City Consumer Price Index. MSU also has committed to spending up to $100,000 for initial renovations to meet specific program requirements."

"The $12 million Brick City development, led by developer Matt Miller, is a renovation of the adjoining properties at 305 West Mill St. and 212 West Phelps St., according to previous SBJ coverage. The project will cover a full city block and have 100 lofts."

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That really awesome! Thanks for the info MSU Bear! I can see it now... all the student artists living in their Lofts painting away. Now we just need the city to get their butts in gear and start getting funding for the rest of Jordan Valley Park before all that land is developed! Anyway's, that area around JVIC is looking like it will be a great area of Downtown to live, work, and play!

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I found a most wonderful thing in world, a full rendering area of Brick City. :shades:



As you know Building 4th, brought by MSU for Art and Design Department.

Building 7th, brought by BridgeBlue, a home furnishings import company. Click this if ur interested about it, Clicky.

Scheduled for grand opening at fall 2008.

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