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Hawaii and Puerto Rico should join forces

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You know i'm surprised that Hawaii and Puerto Rico don't have stronger ties. They share a history that dates back to 1900 when the first +5,000 Puerto Ricans arrived in Hawaii to work in the agriculture industry. They also have a sister city relationship; Honolulu & San Juan. However, I don't ever hear of any collaboration or exchange of ideas.

They are both the most populous, economically and culturally dominate places in their region as far as the other US Dependencies are concerned (e.g., Hawaii -> Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa; Puerto Rico -> US Virgin Islands).

I think that it would be a great if the two took more of a leadership role and worked together especially in the area's of technology, sustainability, trade, culture, education, transportation, business, health, disaster preparedness and tourism. Another advantage would be that they could play a greater role in helping the other US Dependencies through investments, collaboration and shared ideas. They might be seas apart but today's real time informational technology and advanced aircrafts that can fly farther and faster without stops means communicating has decreasing barriers and is very doable. What do you think?

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