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Neighborhoods of Detroit

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What does the future hold for the neighborhoods of Motown?

Which one will see the most development?

Where would you prefer to live now, and in 5 years?

Will they become more desirable than Royal Oak and Birmingham?

Please share your thoughts.

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It depends on which direction the economy goes when it turns around. I think mass transit will instill a sense of retail confidence that isn't so bias against Detroit consumers...which, in turn will strengthen the neighborhoods both for the people who already live here as well as newcomers to the central city.

As long as we play along with the national trend of city building, I think most of the "normal" neighborhoods will be ok. However, if we as a region fail to recognize that the past 50 years has been destructive, and we continue to brag about how right it is, then I think Detroit will continue to fight an uphill battle.

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