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FSU and University Park


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I think FSU has moved so far ahead with the "Southwest Campus" idea that a 'University Park' concept is all but impossible.

The first reason being is, as FSU developed the master plan for 'University Park' and then 'Southwest Campus', it discovered there is really very little 'buildable' land there. FSU has since either moved or is planning to move so much IM/athletic type of facilities out there that there is hardly anything left. What is left has been purchased by FSU's Research Foundation which is OK for FSU but there isn't enough land left to bring any amount of 'critical mass' or tipping point type of energy.

I wish I were wrong on this, but things are pretty much set in stone now re: research in this area. It just won't ever happen in any significant amount beyond what FSU has and that is average at best. The area thought small and that is what it got.

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