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Columbus photographs from 11/3/7

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Basically, if you click to UrbanUp (my site) and click on Columbus, you can find it divided into "related pages" such as Downtown, The Arena District, etc. Or you can click on photographs and find photos posted under "Columbus, Ohio." Likewise, a page under The Arena District > Photographs will have photos regarding the Arena District. Then, there are also photos filed under the Buildings listed under the specific page or subpage. Tons there!

Details on the pages and buildings will be added later.

1. Adam's Place in Cincinnati, Ohio


Columbus, Ohio: I'll fill out the building and city/subpage details one day, but all the photographs have been filed in!



3. AEP Building


4. Atlas Building


5. Beacon Building


6. Borden Building


7. City Center Mall (bad photos, taken at ISO 1600)


8. High-Long Building


9. Huntington Center


Skipping a thread since there are "too many images in the combined posts."

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I love Columbus, it is one of the most 'under-rated' cities in America, IMO. To get a change from Charlotte or Atlanta, I go up there for a weekend every few months. It's like a big college town in a sense. A good vibe and friendly people! Plus some great architecture!

Thanks for the shots! :thumbsup:

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