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State Welcomes Financial Firm

GlobeOp Set To Be First To Get Job-Creation Tax Credit

An international firm that is expected to be the first beneficiary of Connecticut's Job Creation Tax Credit was formally welcomed to Hartford by state officials Monday.

GlobeOp Financial Services, which caters to hedge funds, money managers and institutional investors, now employs 40 people in Hartford and has room at its Goodwin Square offices for 150.

Anything associated with the financial industry is great for Hartford. I think we are ideally located to draw jobs from both Boston and New York. We have a huge number of highly trained people that will work for less than their counterparts in BOS or NYC. Not to mention office rents are so rediculously cheap here.

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Good news; I'm glad to see the state being proactive in trying to bring jobs in, however I'd like to see a special tax credit or incentive given to companies that create new jobs downtown, and possibly an even larger one for headquartering there. Downtown needs to rebuild its status as an important economic center, something which has been hurt by several recent departures to the suburbs.

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Looks like a Danbury firm will be expanding a factory and adding 100 jobs in Torrington.

This should help to further the states leadership position in fuel cell manufacturing. Not a big deal, but anything high tech and growing I support in Metro Hartford. even if on its far North West fringe.

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This is good stuff.


Loctite's Parent Bringing North American Headquarters To Rocky Hill

This is the kind of thing Hartford should work on. Foreign owned companies need a US HQ and it might as well be in Metro Hartford.

80 new jobs moved from Philly and a little prestige. This is a growing company as well, so over time there will be organic growth of employees, and possibly aquisitions.

the article does not say, but is this the same Henkel that makes my kitchen knives?

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ING made a big purchase last night as well


I was not going to post this but I thought I should just let you guys know that this means absolutely nothing to Hartford.

dapapabear might add his opinions, but I know both his and my job are still being shipped off to Florida or Pittsburgh regardless, and this purchase today has little effect on what the company does in hartford.

it is possible that down the road they would relocate some of these people to Windsor, but do not hold your breath.

ING is cutting back in general, and being very stingy with capitol. its a smart move so maybe you should buy shares, but do not count on job growth.

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