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mass transit

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I wanted to know how many of you in Miami use the Mass Transit.

Specifically I want to know about

Metro Mover

Metro Rail

Tri Rail

Have you guys used it, if so what are your opinions of these services? What improvements do you guys think they need to make to these and what have you heard Dade is doing to improve coverage?

I would also like to know what improvements in your opinion(s) would improve the quality of life in Miami.

Side not, has anyone heard about Broward doing anything similar to this?

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Out of all three I use Metro Mover the most since I live and work around it, its probaly the most efficient mode of transportation in all of Miami, its perfect to go anywhere DFowntown or brickell, refurbishing of the trains started and all the cars are being replaced with these new cool looking ones, but some stations could be kept in better conditions.

Ive used Metro-Rail once in a while, its not really the best, some cars are dirty and its not always on time, but its efficient if you need to be somewhere in Hialeah, Miami, or Kendall for the most part, but it truly does leave out a huge chunk of the metro and NEEDS to be expanded quickly! But thankfully the airport connection line is going to be built, which will finally connect the Metro-Rail with the airport! right after the new intermodel center is complete which is also under construction which will connect all modes of transportation in Miami.

I have also used Tri-Rail to go to the beach during some festival in Ft.Lauderdale, it was clean, the stations were easy and clean and a good ride, the only real issue is that its infamous for being tardy quite often, in my experience I didnt experience that in particular.

The best thing that Miami could do is extend Metro-Rail QUICKLY! an east-west line connecting downtown with the western suburbs and FIU. A Kendall line is also needed just to clear up some traffic there, I believe its already under negotiating and plan to use CSX lines to do it. A northern Line would also fit in well to connect it with Dolphin Stadium and connect it with possible Broward passengers to the north of the Stadium, and in the future could be used to connect a possible Broward system with Miamis.

Broward has had twitches with a line but quickly get shut down, the most Ive heard in the topic of transportation in Broward is more busses and widening 595 :wacko:

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I have been applying to jobs in Nashville since Septmeber but with only ONE job calling me from Nashville I am starting to think the economy is slowing and I may be stuck in South Florida for awhile. I have started applying to jobs in Miami, mostly city and university jobs (I live in Fort Lauderdale). If I get a job in my price range I may relocate to Miami for awhile until the economy heals itself, so this is why I was asking about the transit down there.

Any of you know where the best rents are? Preferebly in some where newer/cleaner. I really like the grove but not sure about rent there.

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