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The Heart of Rock n' Roll is in Eloy


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I just thought this was really funny.

Rollover Beethoven, Eloy could be home to Rock 'n Roll theme park

This is the same town that, for many, many years, had various fantastic statues poised in the open desert adjacent to the freeway due to a failed attempt to construct a giant miniature golf course. It's also home to what is, I believe, the only ostrich farm in the state. Good things happen in Eloy!

It's funny sometimes the stuff people will seriously propose.

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I think this is the wrong place for this type of proposal. It made me laugh a bit due to the location and the numbers they quoted. I think it needs to be in a cooler climate such as Prescott. That area is suppose to boom with growth, and is not too cold or too hot and near great tourist attractions.

Most likely this will come and go.

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Prescott is awesome!

And I could see something like this here, but I think the lack of interstate (or, for that, federal) highways up there makes it difficult to get the random roadside traffic you would need to support something like this. And Prescott has enough growth issues already.

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