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Tucson's New Downtown Hotel


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I have the feeling that this is going to start moving a little faster now, so I wanted to start a new thread about it separate from the Downtown one.

Combo approach taken for Downtown Tucson hotel plan

The big winner was Texas-based developer Garfield Traub, which was selected to built a 707-room $203 million Sheraton hotel on city land. It would house a 14,000-square-foot ballroom and a full service restaurant, bar and lounge. It would also include retail space and, potentially, condominiums.
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This would be the second sheraton built on city land in AZ, can someone tell me why they are all being rendered like a 1960's vegas strip casino? The one in Phoenix is hideous. It's welcome news that they are talking new tower in Tucson. But I hope Tucson residents don't allow to happen what the city of Phoenix built.

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Council expected to OK $300 million hotels deal

There are actually three different articles there: one about the council's approval, one about the price of the whole thing, and one about the city's possible purchase of La Placita, competition with Albuquerque and optimistic forecasts for the future.

Since this is Rio Nuevo money, there's really not much argument about whether or not it will be approved.

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