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Dillard's Buyout?

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As long as members of the Dillard family can continue drawing millions in compensation I don't see the company being sold. Currently at least five of the Dillards are employed by the corporation in executive positions. Their compensation seems to not be tied to the stores' performance. If the family does sell their controlling interest wither or not it remains in LR depends on who buys them out. If say the buyer is a large nationwide chain I think the local headquarters would be closed. If, on the other hand, a private equity group is the buyer

the headquarters would probably remain here similiar to the recent Alltel purchase.

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A proxy push by Barrington Capitol forced the Dillards to allow four directors on their board chosen by this group. They're a pretty stellar group, a former Saks CEO, an Anne Kleine CEO and the others were retail bigwigs. I think this ultimately will help the company, which seems to be inbred with family and friends of the founding family.

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