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I guess Fayetteville has realized that they must increase the hours of the bus routes to gain more ridership and it can ease traffic when the influx of 40k to 50k move to the Fayetteville Area because of BRAC.

I know I'm thinking ahead of Fayetteville right now but it would be wise to create a transportation savings for future light rail. My rail plan would have a station for Downtown to Spring Lake with stop in the Shaw heights area because thats where the Military business park is located (North Line). The East Line would be trolley extending to east of the Cape Fear River & the "West Line" would stretch all the way to Cumberland/Hoke county line. Also a "camouflage Line" along the Fayetteville Outer loop from West Cumberland County to Fort Bragg for the troops.

Here is a article about the needed hours for FAST bus system being studied.


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If they can run the buses until 8:30 pm weekdays & 12 pm during the weekends, I would be satistified until the city starts to really add more ridership. I would love to see the bus extend to Raeford, NC so I can see the turkey parade/turkey carnival. Maybe a route to UNC-Prembroke so I can see the athletic games.
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