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Local First Volvo for Life Award


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From Elissa at Local First:

Hello Local First Members and Friends,

I'm e-mailing because I have a favor to ask you. Guy Bazzani, our founder,

has been selected as a finalist for one of the Volvo for Life awards. If

Guy wins (or places first or second in his category), Local First will

receive a minimum of $25,000. The winner of the annual contest is selected

by a public e-mail vote. Please take 30 seconds to go onto our website and

vote for Guy. And, please forward this message to your friends or employees

who might be willing to help us in this endeavor. All of the prize money

will go to benefit our Local First campaign here in Grand Rapids!

The link to vote is:

Thank you, in advance, for supporting Local First!


Elissa Sangalli Hillary

Executive Director

Local First

So check it out and put a vote in for Guy Bazzani!

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Vote often, but not too often:

Members of the public may vote for as many nominees as they wish. Only votes made through the online ballot on this Web site will be counted. Any votes that appear to be submitted from the same computer or IP address more than once per minute will be disqualified. A user who submits more than one vote per minute from the same computer or IP address will not be prompted that his or her votes in excess of one per minute have been disqualified. Additionally, any votes submitted from a Web browser that does not accept cookies will not be counted. Volvo Cars of North America, LLC, also reserves the right, in its sole, absolute, and non-reviewable discretion, to disqualify any votes that appear, in its reasonable judgment, to be generated by any automated system, including robotic, automatic, mechanical, programmed, or similar entry duplication methods, or that in any way disables or evades the technology in place to prevent such automated voting. In the event of a tie in any category, a tiebreaking vote will be cast by Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. All votes are final once submitted.

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