Charlotte Area Transit System Long Term Transit Plan

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Our competition:

Nashville has proposed its very large transit plan. It calls for LRT on four corridors (26 miles of rail opening in '2026' including a 1.8 mile tunnel downtown) and BRT-lite (no dedicated lanes) on four other corridors (opening in 2019) with total costs estimated to be $5.2 billion for the Davidson County portion.  The money will be raised via a 0.5 (and in 2023 jump up to 1.0%) sales tax increase (this will take sales tax in Nashville up over 10% -- but remember Tennessee has no income tax), and 20%ish hikes in hotel-motel tax, rental car tax and business and excise tax.

The tax proposals are projected to generate $110 million per year in 2019 jumping to $200 million in 2023. The plan needs to be approved by their council in December and will be voted on in May (the off-brand election will reduce turnout)

By way of comparison our still very vague plan proposes roughly 20 additional miles of LRT for Silver+West corridor and the even vaguer Red Line (heavy, light, BRT?) needs (20 miles?). Our  current 1/2 cent transit tax generates between $70-80 million per year IIRC.

There are still tons of unknowns (cost estimates are quite crude (I might say unrealistic) and federal contributions are completely unknowable) but Nashville is proposing some dramatic changes. If this gets past the referendum its going to set an important precedent for Charlotte to follow along with a similar proposal.

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^^^ While Nashville's plan is bold we will see what voters approve. Their sales tax will be over 10% with this proposal and even higher on hotel rental cars etc.  Their city's tourism industry is much larger than Charlotte's.  Believe me Nashville needs some help with roads and transit for sure but we will need to check back after the voters have their say.  Nashville is 10 plus years behind Charlotte on transit and believe me it shows.  And it says Nashville will do without state help.  Much as people get ticked off at NC the state here did help in a big way with our transit system. That is one of the many reasons Charlotte needs a better relationship with Raleigh and the state legislature. 

Here is another article on the plan:

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