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Augusta Regional Airport


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Phase 3 of the construction process is now 75.8% complete. We are expecting to move into Phase 4 in October, 2007. We will also be announcing our ''Grand Opening'' celebration soon!



FIRST FLOOR PLANThe new terminal will allow passenger traffic to flow in a more natural path.

Departing passengers flow from the ticketing area, through screening in the core, and out to the concourse.

Arriving passengers deplane at the concourse, come through the core, and pick up their luggage in baggage claim.


TICKETING AREA PLANThe new ticketing area will allow for easier passenger check in. There is plenty of room for E-ticket kiosks. TSA baggage screening is behind the ticket counter allowing for more efficient flow of bags.


CORE AREA PLANOne of the most noticeable differences in the new terminal is that TSA screening is moved to the core area which is designed to make the process as easy as possible. There is also a secondary food concession located in the waiting area.coreplan.gif

CONCOURSE PLANThe new terminal has one concourse holdroom that will be used by all of the airlines and has gates that can accommodate all of the types of aircraft that may service the airport. The main food concession will be located there as well as a merchandise concession.concourseplan.gif

BAG CLAIM PLANThe new baggage claim area will have two bag belts and space for six rental car offices.bagclaimplan.gif

PROJECT PHASING AND SCHEDULE The new terminal will be built in four phases. The first phase includes the construction of the new concourse and access to existing hold rooms. From a passenger perspective, the airport will be used the same as it is today. Construction began in early 2005 and should be completed by early 2006.phasing1.gifOnce the new concourse is ready for use, phase two and three will begin. The existing south hold room will be converted to temporary ticketing and the north hold room will become the temporary bag claim. The existing terminal building will be demolished and the new one built in its place. These phases should take place between early 2006 and mid 2007.phasing2.gifThe final phase includes building the new gardens between the main terminal and concourse, demolishing the old administrative building and other final site improvements. The new terminal should be ready for use by late 2007.phasing3.gif

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