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Greensboro downtown ballpark webcam update

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here is an updated frame taken from the webcam. The bowl is really taking shape. The steel will be arriving by June 1st so we should start seeing the 3-story structure rise from the ground within the next week or two.




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from this latest webcam snap shot, it appears that the steel is already rising from the ground of what will become the upper deck and suites. I'll have to drive by the stadium site to confirm this but I can see a large crane in the photo as well.


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first scouting report: stadium gets in shape


By Bill Hass Staff Writer

News & Record


Opening day may be 10 months away, but there's plenty of action on the site of Greensboro's new downtown baseball stadium.

The construction, which began in February with the demolition of an old Guilford County office building, entered another phase this week when the structural steel arrived.

By late Thursday afternoon, about a dozen columns had been set and several cross beams put in place. By the end of next week, the first section, which includes three levels of cross beams, should be bolted together.

Project manager Mike Sears said the framework will be completed in four sections. The first section of the steel framework parallels Edgeworth Street and marks the outer edge of the skyboxes. The second section will continue down Edgeworth toward Bellemeade Street.

After those two are up, the crane being used to lift the steel into place will be moved, and the third and fourth sections will go up along Bellemeade toward Eugene Street. Sears estimates all the steel should be in place by mid-August.

The stadium is scheduled to be ready for the start of the South Atlantic League season in April. The Bats currently play at 78-year-old War Memorial Stadium.

Downtown Greensboro Renaissance, a subsidiary of the Bryan Foundation, is financing the stadium. The total cost, including land acquisition, will be about $21.5 million.

"This is exciting," said Donald Moore, general manager of the Greensboro Bats, who visits the site once or twice a week. "We're seeing things in three dimensions versus the one dimension on paper we've been looking at. This helps put it all together."

At the moment, the best place for passers-by to see the steel columns is from Edgeworth Street. Visibility from Eugene Street is still blocked by a huge pile of dirt that is being used as backfill. It will take two to four weeks for that soil to disappear.

The site hums with activity these days. Steelworkers straddle a cross beam as it is lowered in place by a towering crane.

A cement mixer disgorges a huge amount of the gray stuff into a bucket, which is swung around by a track hoe so workers can spread and smooth it near the stadium entrance on Bellemeade. Bulldozers grade the slope of the seating bowl. Bobcats dash around, lifting, pushing, leveling.

A visitor has to stay on the move to avoid getting caught in the swirl of activity. But from one of the rare spots where nothing is happening for a few moments, it's evident that a baseball stadium is taking form.

Identifiable aspects include both dugouts, the tunnel leading from the locker rooms, the wall forming the edge of the seating bowl and the level on the concourse.

And that sawhorse with the long pink ribbons? That's the spot for home plate.

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Here is the latest webcam update on Greensboro's downtown ballpark.

The stadium is really starting to take shape now and they are now adding the seating risers.



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